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Whether the engine runs or not, we can take that car off your hands for CASH! Our welcoming, easy and quick car removal team will provide cater to YOUR needs with same-day pick up in Shreveport and you’ll walk away with cash in hand! We take out the expense of a middle man which means there is more money for you to get for selling your car to us. 

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Most Cash for Your Old Car

We Buy All Types of Cars in Louisiana

We don’t only buy junk cars. We make cash offers on cars in all conditions:

Clunkers in 

Crashed cars in


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We recognize the importance of professionalism and do not underestimate your car's worth. One sure thing is that you're qualified for some cash regardless of the state of your vehicle. Also, Sell Car for Cash Shreveport does not impose any hidden or additional fee on you for using our services.

Free Towing from Any Location

We pick up cars anywhere in the Shreveport area. If you call us, you’ll receive a guaranteed cash offer before the call is over. Sell Car for Cash Shreveport is the best cash service for trading in junk cars in the area. Not only do we pay the highest rates, but our car buyers and appraisers have the knowledge and experience to get you the best offer for your junk car. You’re eligible for cash no matter the condition of your car.

You may be asking why you should sell your old and junked cars with Sell Car for Cash Shreveport. First, we save you time, stress, and evitable expenses as we deliver our services at your doorstep. Therefore, you fully enjoy the profits instead of spending out of pocket to get a service provider. Secondly, before a car is considered junk, you need to agree to certain rules. Sell Car for Cash Shreveport is in the best position to take care of this process for you. Why not sell your car with us and get a better and suitable car for yourself and your family instead of managing that old car. Yes, you deserve better and Sell Car for Cash Shreveport is ready to do it for you!

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Selling Cars Made Easy with Us!

Various reasons make us a common alternative for people who want to sell their vehicles. First of all, we're never going to short sell our clients. We are going to deliver just what we think your car is worth, plus a cut of the sales from spare parts. Often, we never pause at unsavory tactics, such as haggling at the last minute or lowering the price at the time of pick-up.